Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Best Bike Tool Photo Ever Contest

It’s time to celebrate. I owe ya…big time. Half a CX season has gone by since I moved to Blogger from the former Joe Biker Blog on AOL. A month ago I was literally taken aback with the readership statistics. That’s you. I was floored when I checked the numbers yesterday. It’s doubled. Even more impressive is that half of the people who have visited once have come back to read again. This past Monday, December 8th, was the 2nd biggest readership day ever next to the Monday after the Cincinnati UCI 3-day CX weekend. Thank you. I’m glad I’ve been able to give you a little bike soup when you can’t get out and ride. While I don’t have 1199 pieces of swag for all the first time visitors or 612 trinkets for the die hard returning visitors over the past two months, I do have one little thing that I’m willing to part with. Since it’s officially the “off season” for most of us, it’s time to have fun on the bike.

Don’t get any ideas about those Zipp wheels I wrote about Monday. I paid in mud and blood for those. However, I wrote a piece a while back about Bottle Cap Helmet Mirrors. Completely unsolicited, the creator sent me one as thanks for writing about ‘em. I know. I know. Helmet Mirrors are the cycling world equivalent of taped nosepiece black rimmed geek glasses. But, when you hand craft them from a genuine black spoke complete with nipple and add a “Fat Tire Ale” bottle cap as the mirror’s frame (on right in photo), suddenly the geek is cool. Pure genius. That’s half the battle of being a cyclist anyway. The non-cycling world thinks we’re all a bunch of tools anyway. The Bottle Cap Helmet mirror makes you a little less toolish in the eyes of Joe Sixpack.

So, here’s the contest: The Best Bike Tool Photo Ever. Email a photo of you being a complete tool on your bike to The Best Bike Blog Ever*
with the subject line: “The Best Bike Tool Photo Ever.” Throughout the contest, I’ll post the better photos on the blog. To avoid being judgmental, the winner of the Fat Tire Ale Helmet Mirror will be drawn randomly from all entries. Deadline will be the three month anniversary of The Best Bike Blog Ever*, January 8th at 11:59pm Eastern Time. Winner will be contacted via return email.

Good luck and thanks for reading The Best Bike Blog Ever*.

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