Monday, December 1, 2008

Can't Even Beat L-Ville in Fantasy CX

Fantasy CX standings are out, and while it's tough to figure out who's the local competition in the 238 deep world-wide field based on the mostly goofy and sometimes hillarious usernames, Bike Clicks/Team Louisville not only smokes me on the regular CX Course, but in make believe CX-land as well. They're ranked 62nd with 1723 points. The Best Bike Blog Ever* is ranked 84th with 1644. The leader has 2258. Like usual I'll have to be happy with the top 3rd of the field! Dammit! If you're participating in Fantasy CX, leave a comment below and let the rest of us know who you are and what your user name is in the standings. Be fun for a little "Best Smack Talk Ever." However, I can barely remember which riders are on my fantasy team anymore.

Standings as of 12/1/08 here.


Anonymous said...

I am at #103 RaceWheels - Niels Albert injury ruined me!!

Joe Biker said...

Ha! Too bad. I don't think I have him. Anybody have an idea of how you can see who's on your team? Can you make changes?

I saw the "One Call Now" team listed after I posted the original article.

Joe Biker said...

New results are out. Click link on right of main page. The Best Bike Blog Ever has moved up to 69th. Team Louisville/Bike clicks is at 58th. I'm closing in. Steven, racewheels, you've dropped to 107th! One Call now is at 145. 242 teams entered.