Monday, December 13, 2010

CX Nats: Day 5 - Elites and Its Nuts

The final entry is pictures only. I can't explain what I saw, at least not clearly. It was too crazy, too much fun, and honestly, it hasn't totally sunk in yet. jersey complete with one upside down number

Well...the chain is supposed to be connected to the bike

Antonneau battling a rider up the first run up in the Collegiate race

Zach McDonald fighting two other collegiates

The mud was wet and gushy this morning

Captain America in place, just in case we need a hero. Yes, Wonder Woman was hot

Compton uncliipped on the first lap through the 180

Georgia Gould gave it her all and stayed close to Compton

Meredith Miller wrecked early and fought her way back to 3rd

Antonneau in her second race of the day

The dog isn't actually attached to this man, but seems to fit

Dombroski powering up to the flyover

Maureen Bruno Roy wrecked early and face planted, requiring 6 stitches post race

Mud was everywhere all day

Wish I got the whole picture....the dog attached to this leash is a white Bichon Frise

Real or fake?

The drum line rocked out the entire Elite race

How many people have rubber boots that match their pajamas?

Impromptu horns playing "Staying Alive" when the back of the pack would pass them

Mike Kennedy from OVCX trying to stay attached

Gregg Shanefelt grunting for a runup

The crowds were superb today

The "bowl" where a majority of the action took place

The steps were a popular place to heckle

Powers into the mud bog

Wells into the mud bog too

Ryan Knapp stayed on the lead lap all day

Someone parked their toy dog a little close to the course

Mr Speedo giving Trebon an ear full

I think Gumby is staring at my soul

A couple sections were faster to run than to try to ride

Powers chose to ride

An Elite attempting to make up his own course

Gumby stole Mr Speedos mask then chased him away

How surreal would it be to ride past a row of people with an adult sized bunny,  9 santas, Gumby and a guy in a unicorn speedo?

Powers into the mud bog - different angle

Trebon tripoding through a whoopty doo

Every cross scene has their Harry Wicks

The Yeti also made an appearance

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