Thursday, January 15, 2009

Steven G Prepare For Doom

Dear Two Johns Podcast,

It’s Joe, the author of The Best Bike Blog Ever* and the proud owner of a new set of
Two John’s Podcast socks. 

I’d like to throw one of my readers into the snarling pit of Two Johns Podcast Fans. Yesterday I wrote an entry titled “Versus Gets Down With Down Under” about how I was excited to see that The Tour Down Under has been picked up by Versus, which will kick off the 2009 TV cycling season here in the states. 

Here is the first comment I received:

StevenG said...
Somebody needs to tell Versus to put some real bike racing on! Perhaps Cross Worlds and then maybe I'll watch. I did see the Tour of Flanders last year that was pretty cool(if I was a road racer that would be my race), and I enjoy the mountain stages, but other than that
road racing = boring.

It’s like he called my children ugly. I want to berate him and cleverly set him straight, but I can’t even muster a coherent thought. Since I am incapacitated, I’m hoping that someone else can set this fellow straight. Please help. 

I invite you to use this as fodder for
your podcast/blog and/or invite your readers to post comments to my blog. 

See ya on the roads,

The Best Bike Blog Ever*


MTBCXGirl said...


I'll watch anything and everything so long as it captures road, cx, or MTB. Not a fan of bmx, downhill, or any other "rad" form of riding.

On a side note; we should all challenge the 2 Johns to an epic MTB race.

Joe Biker said...

2nd! (although it may be against the rules to steal a podium spot on my own blog)

This is getting good. I'm seeing that cycling may not be as cohesive as I thought. I could watch grandma's race tricycle shopping carts around the Kroger parking lot. But, apparently I may be in the minority.

jaden said...

Can I file an official protest against the author landing a podium spot and claim 2nd? If not I guess I will take 3rd.

After seeing Steven's good name get smeared through the cycling blog universe I am apprehensive to post.

Road on Versus or CX online- I will watch either. The only MTB racing I ever see on TV is the downhill Mountain Dew/Jeep/X Games stuff and that doesn't do much for me.

Joe Biker said...

Protest accepted. The author will take DFL. Steven had it coming. out for a run over lunch. 7 degrees-wind chill -8. Just in case y'all think about slacking today.

StevenG said...

Well I guess it is better than watching football! I do like the classic races, and mountain stages, but could only sit through the condensed highlight versions. I guess I was just sad with all the events Versus has they could sneak Cross Worlds in too, so sorry for my negative comments. I kind of wish I liked road racing more because I think it fits my abilities better than the racing I do(CX & XC) Don't get me wrong I love a good hilly backroads road ride. I will try and watch some Tour Down Under if the weather is bad again next week and have to roll on the trainer. I was flipping through the channels a few weeks ago and saw some of that Ironman now that was bad. All the human interest stories made me want to throw-up.

Joe Biker said...

Forgiven. Just had to mess with ya. Those human interest stories make me urk up a puke everytime. They don't break into the middle of an NFL play and relive the lifestory of a player. looks like you're officially 3rd on the podium!

You still up for that MLK Day Licking River Ride?



Joe Biker said...

Thanks for making a cold and nasty day go by. StevenG you're safe from doom. Got a word back from one of the Two John's:

Joe- I wish I could argue with your writer, but he is spot on.

Road racing has turned boring ever since Armstrong & co showed up with
the meat grinder team approach, saving for the final sprint up to the
mountain top finish & tt. They have just optimized the system that
science & technology have provided them.

The one days are a more chaotic race, less susceptible to the formulas
enacted in the grand tours.

StevenG said...

TwoJohn's always agree with me, I made the listener feedback last week, I was the heated car seat Q.

Monday weather hi of 30F, going to be kind of cold for a long road ride. This weekend looks like it may be all about the trails for me. 20-30 is perfect MTB weather.