Friday, January 16, 2009

Minus 6

I planned on writing a post today about my daily wrestling match with my baby iPod headphone cord that seems to come alive at night and slithers and twists itself into confusing knots which take me 5 minutes to untangle everytime I want to use them spinning/riding.  But, that'll have to wait til next week.  Till then, take the poll on the right.

On the way to work this morning, my dashboard thermometer set a record.  No, I wasn't riding my Specialized super-cruizer.  I had an early meeting which I couldn't be remotely stinky for.  Besides it's artic and would take an hour to get dressed and undressed for the 25 minute bike ride.  I draw the line when the act of dressing for the ride takes longer than the actual ride.

Granted, I've lived in Wisconsin and Illinois and been in more booger & tear freezing weather, but I bought the truck in '06 in Madison, IN.  Super Romper's never seen real cold.  As I drove in near the landmark of Saint Rose Church, I watched the guage drop from the 37 degree temp in my garage and wondered if it'd go past below zero.  It did.  Minus six.  The vista of the sunlit steam rising off the Ohio River from behind the church was breath taking.  Even if you're not on a bike, sometimes you just have to enjoy the scenery.  Minus six can be beautiful.  For the record, I didn't see a soul on two wheels.  The entire length of the river from Lunken Airport to Downtown Cincinnati looked like this.


Anonymous said...

joe -- thanks for blogrolling me -- see you on the road --shannon

Joe Biker said...

No prob. Sign up to be in the Peloton "a follower" if you want.

Nice pic of the boys at the covered bridge. The trick to riding the bridge planks is a little speed, a steady hand, and a cell phone...just in case you gotta call a cab!

Anonymous said...

on sunday we wouldn't have needed a cab -- i've been over the bridge a handful of times and seen one car total. the other day while were there (for five minutes) we saw about 7. it was a real live bottlenenck.