Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gaisma: Light Out Longer

Cincinnatians are lucky. Along with Columbus, Lexington, Knoxville and other cities in a nice little row near southbound I-75, we live on the more western side of the Eastern Time Zone. Its light out longer here, at least longer than Chicago or Milwaukee who are on the eastern side of the Central Time Zone. I’ll pause now so you stop the aneurysm from exploding in your brain. (Jeopardy Music Interlude)

Being a creative minded person, from the homo sapien dufus mathematicalus branch of the evolutionary tree, I nearly exhausted the treadmill running hamster in my skull thinking thoughts like “if it’s 5:30 and the sun is setting here means it’s 4:30 and soon to be dark there.” Where’s my bottle of Advil.

According to
GAISMA website, which posts sunset/sunrise times for anywhere in the world, you can see that in just two weeks it’ll be light out in Cincinnati till 5:53pm. Nanny nanny boo boo Windy City. Clear your desk at P&G by 5:30pm and you might be able to commute home from work while it’s light out. In a month, it’ll be light out till 6:13pm and we just might be able to eek in an hour ride after work. In two weeks, it’ll still be dark at 5:30 in Milwaukee and Chicago. See for yourself. Cincinnati has the gaisma.

For those who don’t speak Latvian, "Gaisma" is a Latvian word, meaning "light". And, now you know the rest of the story.

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