Friday, June 4, 2010

Facebook Friday: What Song Makes You Hammer?

I fear purgatory, at least, for some of my readers.  What the hell.  Certainly I shouldn’t be the one with plastic rummage sale devil horns zip tied to my helmet.  Pure evil, but I kind of like it.  The fear of death motivates us all and it sort of shows.  It’s Facebook Friday on The Best Bike Blog Ever*.  During the week we ask our Facebook likers and followers a question and post the comments on the blog.  Like us here and join us next week.  This week’s question came via FB message from fan Jerry.  He asked:

You have your Ipod jammin' in the last mile of a Time Trial or Big MTB race. What song has to come on to motivate you to hammer even harder?

The Best Bike Blog Ever
The Subways “Oh Yeah” (pictured above)




I go lactic every time I hear it.

At the "24 Hours of Moab"- playing over the loud speaker just as the sun was setting on the last mile or so. A speedy downhill straightaway into the hand-off tent...Not so much hammering harder, but just a free and exhilerated feeling!

Foo Fighters "Learn to Fly"

Dropkick Murphys “Flannigan’s Ball”


Nothing but the sound of my pulse reverberating through my eyeballs.

James (again)
Ever notice you feel like a winner while listening to Rick Astley?  I do.

Bridget (with the reply we were all hoping for)
@James- I think Cyndi Lauper & Rick Astley had a child and you are the result.

This song came on in the last mile of Ironman Florida and I could run that mile harder than anything else I had done that day.

The Clash “Hateful”

This tune kicks ass!  I find it very inspirational!!

Jerry (Today’s FB Friday was his idea.  Thanks Jer!)
Nine Inch Nails "Hand That Feeds"
Just try turning under 100 RPMs. A must for the warm up routine or trainer rides.

I always look forward to them coming up on the playlist.


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Daniel said...

I somehow found your blog the other night, and have been reading it ever since. Even though you live in the God-forsaken place, Cincinnati, you still are a funny MF'er, and I'm really enjoying reading you blog.
Keep up the great work