Friday, June 18, 2010

Facebook Friday! Funny Father's Day Stories

Like Father like Son, got a late start to posting the Facebook Friday question yesterday.  Need to remember that most of our readers are out riding in the evening, not checking FB.  Consequently we didn't receive the normal 25 or more comments.  This week, we decided to change Facebook Friday up a bit in honor of the men who took the training wheels off our bikes and gave us our first sting of road rash. 

It’s Facebook Father’s Day Friday on The Best Bike Blog Ever.  Every week we ask our Facebook followers and likers a pressing question and post the comments on the blog on Friday.  If you’d like to participate follow or like us here. 

This week’s idea came from the fact that half the fun of cycling comes from friends joking around at the trail head, during the car ride to the race or over a café’ mocha before the group ride.  So, with this weekend's Father’s Day rides in mind, the question was:

Let’s pretend we just finished a killer ride on Father’s Day. Share a funny story about your Dad. “I’ll never forget the time that Dad (blank).”

RODERICK:  I'll never forget the time Dad decided he was going to kill a skunk that kept coming around our house. He shot it.  Nailed it first try…apparently right in the sack that holds it's stink juice.  The wind blew the stench right into the house for the whole night. It was a week before we got rid of the smell.

David:  I'll never forget the time I talked my non-golfer dad into giving it a try. We found him some old rusted garage specials (clubs.)  I was about 16 and new to the game myself.  On the very first hole my dad had a rude awakening to just how hard it was to hit that little white ball.  He stood there and swung at least ten times and missed it every try. After 5 swings I was on the ground laughing my rear off! He finally picked up the ball and threw it! It was the first and last time we played golf together, but one of my favorite memories!!!!

Darryn:  My dad works in the fishing business.  However, he has a deep dark secret.  He's a yoga-practicing vegan. On a fairly regular basis, he's offered lunch by one of his customers and has to constantly come up with creative ways to avoid the fried chicken, deer sausage, or whatever it is.  Every once in a while he just has to jump on the grenade and eat.

TBBBE:        I’ll never forget the time that Dad took the family fishing. Dad decided to save money by using his own motor. He spent the entire week tuning it up using a garbage can full of water in the driveway. On Saturday, the four of us shoved off from the pier. Dad pulled the starter on the motor. Nothing. He pulled again. Nada. Again. Ka-woof! It burst into flames. Luckily a pontoon boat saw the whole thing and rescued us. The motor…it’s still at the bottom of Lake Five.

Happy Father’s Day!

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