Friday, June 11, 2010

Facebook Friday! The Best Bike Blog Slogans Ever*

Let’s face it, the name of this blog is too long to fit on a pair of socks or the jersey of a Clydesdale racer for that matter.  So we thought, we need a slogan, a few words that capture the chutzpah of The Best Bike Blog Ever*, or at least something to fill in the asterisk with.

The asterisk and “…” were meant to imply that this is hardly the best bike blog ever, but the best bike blog ever written by a bike crazed dufus with devil horns.  I do my best to make each story relatable to all kinds of riders, from the clumsy knees a-kimbo bike path Triathlon rookie to those who choke back a lung racing in skinsuits on carbon rigs every weekend.  It’s exaggerated as a cartoon and peppered with pokes.  I jab a sharpened spoke in my leg each time I feel myself for getting too serious, preachy or political.

As creative as I strive to be, I tried to come up with a slogan on my own.  “Look No Hands,” cracked me up and reminded me that cycling in our roots is child’s play.  “I’m Not Lance,” was another.  People tell me I look like his Highness.  “You Ridin’ THAT?” was another paying homage to a buddy who has a knack for sucking the serious out of the air before races by questioning other rider's high end equipment.  I couldn’t settle on anything.  So we came to you in our weekly series called “Facebook Friday.”

What Slogan captures the essence of The Best Bike Blog Ever?

“Laughs No Waiting”

“Subtle As A Pipe Bomb”

“Bring The Pain”

“Pain Face Time”
(Kurt and Harold know that I have the ugliest race pain face in the Ohio River Valley)

"Did I bike with you?"
(love the take off on “Do I Know You” humor in this…my runner up)

“YOUR Bike Blog Sucks”

“Stitches Are For Emo Kids”
(I still don’t get it, but they tell me it’s hilarious)

“TBBBE…Your Cycling Submission Hold”

“Heel On Wheels” 
(love the sarcasm, I mean New York Humor, in that)

“Big Ring Bloggin’”
(that’s got swagga)

“On Your Left @$%*&”

“The Man, the myth, the cyclist, the legendary blogger

"The next best thing to peddling harder"

“Yammerin' not hammerin'”
(Melissa grabs the third step and the bronze)

“Counts As Base Miles”
(winner winner chicken dinner)

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