Friday, January 29, 2010

World Championship Stripes You’re In

Project Runway’s Heidi and Tim said it. “You’re in!” Club riders and amateur racers rejoice, its official. We all know they’re referring to World Championship stripes. Even though we’re fat and slow, according to international rules set forth during fashion week in Paris, you can now wear your World Championship stripes without fear of scrutiny or scorn from fellow cyclists. A full explanation is below. The World Championships of Cyclocross are coming to Louisville in 2013, with Masters Worlds in 2012 and 2013. The stripes are now fair game in North America.

Traditionally, we talk behind the backs of those who wear the coveted stripes while riding without earning them. Who does he think he is, Paolo Bettini? I on the other hand, do own rainbow striped clothing, but enough about my Mork and Mindy suspender fetish. I also own a pair of Sock Guy World Championship striped socks…and they’re coming out of the closet! Hellooooo! The World Championships are coming to town, officially making it cool to wear your rainbow striped apparel till at least 2013. This of course is according to the exception listed in section 32, paragraph 4a of the International Cycling code of conduct regarding fashion which reads: “only current or former world champions should wear the rainbow stripes while riding, except when the World Championships are on the continent of your residences, then, and only during non-competitive events, it’s fair game beotches!” Tripple snap on that sista.

However, let it be known that World Champ clothing isn’t always flattering. On gloves, hats and socks, white with rainbow stripes can look pretty dang dapper. However, put them horizontally on a white jersey, and the object in the mirror starts looking like it has a giant rear. Sadly, come 2012 and 2013, a few people will leave Louisville having accomplished the goal of a lifetime albeit looking like a newly stuffed rainbow striped sausage from their country of origin. Bert Grabsch say what? Heidi Klum and the fashionistas are correct. Dark and vertical striped clothing makes you look thinner, because certainly white and horizontal stripes make Cadel Evans look like he had too much vegemite during the off season.

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