Friday, January 22, 2010

Heave-Ho The Boat Anchor, Buy My Easton EC90 SLX Fork

Was it you that left your road bike fork behind at the bike rack? I don’t blame you. That thing looks heavy. You’re probably sick of delivering the mail up steep climbs and heaving that massive thing up a curb or over a pothole. What a bitch. Sure, it’ll never break…simply because you never want to ride your bike with that thing on it. Even if you don’t have a fork that was made in a shipyard, maybe you have a boat anchor masquerading as a “carbon” fork with a clunky aluminum steerer tube, crown and/or dropouts. It’s time to heave-ho! I’d keep the rest of the bike and leave that relic behind at the bike rack too.

Consider this Easton EC90 SLX all carbon fork. It’s CNT Monocoque technology. Which means its soo light; it couldn’t be handled by humans. Instead, every Easton EC90 SLX is crafted by tiny gnomes that meticulously mold the tiny carbon nano tubes into a 350 gram wonder fork. Yes. 350 grams. That’s like the weight of two and a half boxes of fluffy soft tissues. The little guys with pointy hats raked the fork at 43mm for the perfect marriage of quick, yet precise handling and optimal comfort.

For an asking price of only $175, it could be the best gram saving/dollar investment you ever made on your bike. New EC90 SLX forks retail for around $450. This is practically a third of retail. In order to save you time and money at the shop, the steerer tube has been cut to 213mm. Just measure your set up closely, to make sure it’ll fit your ride. It already has it’s first cosmetic nick, (on Easton logo of right fork leg) so you will never have to worry about the next rock that gets kicked up by the wheel in front of you in the paceline. More than likely, you’ll be so fast; you’ll probably be well off the front riding solo anyway. It includes compression wedge for quick and accurate installation. All you really need to do is whine to your spouse about how much your current fork sucks, buy it and swap the crown race. If you’ve been kind to the guys at your local bike shop by feeding them donuts and bringing over 6-packs on Friday evenings, they’ll likely change over that crown race for free on the spot.

Toss your boat anchor overboard, buy this Easton EC90 SLX carbon road fork and put an end to your group ride embarrassment. Send me a message here.

More photos here. Easton specs here.

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