Friday, June 12, 2009

Facebook Friday: What's THAT In Your Jersey Pocket?

It’s Facebook Friday on The Best Bike Blog Ever*. Every Thursday Facebook friends answer a burning cycling related question and every Friday the answers are posted here. If you’d like to join the fun, send a friend request with a note about “Facebook Friday” via the facebook link on the right side-bar. Today’s question is:

It's not a tool, money, ID or key...What is the oddball thing that you must carry on your ride?


My sarcastic wit


I rode Mohican with my recently deceased cat’s picture mounted to my handlebar! Moe-hican I called it...


Wet naps.


Don't know about oddball, but I carry a very tattered photo of me and my daughter from when she was about three months old. It's a talisman.


Chapstick and Tums.


An old short pencil wrapped with 3-4 feet of duck tape. Ya never know. Usually I use a piece of it at least twice for something on a ride every year. In 98 we used it in W. Virginny to stabilize my friend's dislocated shoulder and ride (slowly) back to the car.


A pen and a little note pad so I can write down license plate numbers on the fly, Would carry a 9mm, but then I'd be in jail.


A Holga camera — it's lightweight and makes everything you shoot look 30 years old.

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