Friday, June 5, 2009

Facebook Friday: Most Genius Trail or Roadside Repairs

It’s Facebook Friday on The Best Bike Blog Ever*.  Every Thursday Facebook friends answer a burning cycling related question and every Friday the answers are posted here.  If you’d like to join the fun, send a friend request with a note about “Facebook Friday” via the facebook link on the right side-bar.  Today’s question is:

What is the most spectacular trail/roadside MacGuyver fix you've ever performed or seen performed?


On a spontaneous trail ride, which followed a white water rafting trip, one of the ladies with us flatted several miles from the Rivermen camp. As the ride was spontaneous no one really had packs or gear with them (i.e. no patch kit or tubes). I pulled the brain bucket off my head, peeled back one of the sticky velcro pads (which holds the cushion thingies onto the inside of the helmet, and used it as a patch. It worked great and we road for several more hours!


The best I have ever seen was when Chad's pedal came off the spindle about 10 miles into the Mohican 100k last year. In classic Irey fashion, he took out his race day tool kit full of stuff like flat head screwdrivers, spare baring, and spare washers. Then scratched his head and figured out how to rebuild the pedal on the side of the trail. Then hammered, passed all of us, and had an awesome finish.


On my trials bike, to resolve a chain slack issue, I made it back to the car and I used a garage door roller that I kept in my tool box and piece of wire hangar to make a (make-do) chain tensioner.

Bill Again

After driving for hours to attend a race, a guy I know (uh-hem) soon realized that he had forgotten his shoes. Using an inner-tube cut into two small sections, he MacGyvered a set of "toe clip" style loops which he wrapped through and around his Look pedals. This guy then went on to race into a top 10 placing using these homemade toe clips and gym shoes!


Kim significantly bent his wheel when he attempted to ride across the covered bridge near Milford and slipped in between the boards. Will took the wheel and banged it against a tree and straightened it. I think it was more true after that then before the accident. Kim made it home.


I repaired my own bleeding and broken fingernail on a trail once. Does that count?


Yes that counts.

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