Friday, April 3, 2009

What Is This Cincinnati Bike Rider Doing?

A)  Testing The Latest Big Screen GPS Unit from Garmin?
B)  Watching The Tour of Flanders?    
C)  Watching And Starring In A Dave Chappelle Show Skit?
D)  Rocking The New "Trucker" Helmet From Bell Sports?
E)  Heading Home After Getting His Ride Pimped?
F)  Starting The Craze For The Latest "Utility" Bike?
G)  Demonstating The New Ultra-light Pannier Bag From Hefty?
H)  Proving That He Can Out Climb Most Pro's?
I)  Enjoying His Last Hour Of Freedom On Price Hill's Cobbles?


Speedster22 said...

None of the above.... he be stealin' dat ting dawg. den he gonna go see Jimmy da fence and get some dough for da hot tv.


James Billiter said...

I kind of with he were riding in the street — proving to Cincinnati motorists that we really deserve to claim a lane.