Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Morbidoni Accordian, A Yappy Dog...

What do the following items have in common?

In retrospect, all of these items could be in my house.  My mom played accordian.  AO Smith had a factory in Milwaukee where I grew up.  The neighbors had a terrier.  I once wanted a bangin' sub woofer in my Honda Civic hatchback.  I used to be really into fishing.  That planter box would make my patio pop!  And I confess, I once had a 156 average in bowling during my youth.  However, Abby the terrier included, according to the listed weights on their respective websites, they each weigh 16 pounds, more than my 15.56 pound Jamis Xenith below.

I told the guys at the shop to shut up when they told me the weight.  We recalibrated the scale and put it up again.  We moved the scale to another hook.  15.56 every time as pictured.  What's even more surprising is that even though this bike appears to have Zipp 404 tubulars, Sram Red and a carbon frame; the tubulars are the CX clydesdale version, it's not really all Sram Red, nor is the frame the lightest in the Jamis fleet.  It also has a Thomson seatpost, Ultegra cassette & pedals, TruVativ BB, Ritchey WCS alloy stem and EA70 bars.  No excuses now I guess.  Hmm...time to clean that bar tape too.

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Anonymous said...

can you see my green envy from there? (as if i have anything to complain about, what with ~18lb bike and me a lil ol' cat 4). s.