Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trek Makes Credit Card In My Name

A credit card in my name?  Aww.  You shouldn't have!  Thank you Trek!  While I have yet to use this card, I have my eye on those carbon cyclocross bikes they had at a recent trade show.  I can't wait.  The three grand limit and no payments for six months will go a long way, at least long enough to race cross and have the bike repo'ed at the end of the season.

Some friends who race for the Trek Store in Cincinnati forwarded this to me.  Trek has a credit program for customers.  I'm just pickled they like this blog so much they made the first card in my nom de plume.  

Joe Biker


James Billiter said...

You must also have a great credit score too!

Perhaps Trek customers will see you rockin' wheelsets with the semi-finest balls ever and get jealous and drops loads of money.

All the interest from the credit card (after 12 months same as cash! – sorry shameless plug) goes toward Lance's carbon fiber scapula replacement.

James Billiter said...

One last comment… Is there a credit score to watt ratio that I should be training at?

Joe Biker said...

That's how you know when you're pro. When your max watts and credit score are over 720!

Mark said...

I think they got the idea from capitol one. Watts in your wallet?

Mark said...

heard you showed up at Polaris to ride with Phil?
how did it go?

Joe Biker said...

A preliminary post about my ride with phil is up. I'll get more of a story up soon.