Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Dozen Reasons Winning a Case-O-SunChips Prime Is So Killer

12 It totally justifies the purchase of a $5k+ Kuota KOM pro tour bike from BioWheels.

11 The PR guy for blog sponsor Ryders Eyewear can email this photo to his boss and leave work early without anyone noticing today.

10 SunChips rhymes with fun-sh@*!

9 I beat a guy riding a pink bike to do it at Ault Park.  Outside of the Giro, a pink bike should never win.

bad kitty.
8 When it’s empty, I can turn it into a kitty condo for our two cats.

7 With the $15 entry, it brought the price of SunChips down to a reasonable 62.5 cents per bag.

6 It was the first night racing in my new team kit, making the extra manscaping under the white leg panel soo worth it.

5 It’s the only gaudy trophy my wife will let me display on a shelf in the house, even if it’s in the pantry.

4 I'm WINNING like Charlie Sheen.

3 It made me feel like the grand marshal of a one man parade riding home one-handed through Mount Lookout Square.

2 The box with my bib number taped to it looks awesome mounted on the wall in my office.

1 I’ll make a killing charging 75 cents/bag for them in the office vending machine! 

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