Friday, May 28, 2010

Facebook Friday! What Was Tom Boonen Thinking at the Tour of California?

Did he leave the Belgian Waffle maker on?  At the Tour of California, I caught Tom Boonen in a David Putty moment.  You remember that episode of Seinfeld.  Elaine and her blockhead boyfriend are on a flight and he’s staring at the seatback in front of him for hours.  Before the Big Bear stage Tomeke was having a man moment at the start in Palmdale, staring off into space.  According to the Amgen TOC twitter feed, he dropped out 45 minutes after this photo was taken.  So what was on the Belgian National Champion’s mind?  We asked you?

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This week’s question: What is Tom Boonen thinking about in this photo?

Forget the coke, the medical pot they have here in cali is like so awesome, mmm, mellow.

"dang those guys on those cool Specialized bikes, I really miss my custom made frame"

I really hope the Fatburger and Skinnyfries I had last night stay down today.

Scott M
Nu, waar kan ik terecht voor een supermodel en paar lijnen van coke?

Scott B
" damn, Lady Gaga and that exploding bra, you don't see that in Flanders everyday"

"If I give him the evil eye, maybe Floyd won't rat me out too."

What color should I paint the living room?

Gotta Remember...shift to the easy gear before the hill.

Friggin roadies, why didn't I take up mountain biking?

"If I have enough left after this race I'm totally going to win those pretzels at Ault Park (Cincinnati’s weekly crit series)."

Why am I in Lycra? I could be a real man out here in the mountains, just me and a navigator's bone ruler, some Fort Knox sunglasses, moccasins and that rugged American woman who once put a black widow on my head after making love, she could kill me with a look...

"Should I pee now or can I hold it?

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