Friday, May 7, 2010

Facebook Friday! The Oddest Food I Ever Ate On A Ride Is...

I seriously thought it was a dirty diaper, but he doesn’t have kids I thought. How come it doesn’t smell. At the midway point of a 50 mile ride this spring my buddy pulled what appeared to be a day old Pampers out of his middle jersey pocket. He began to unwrap it. Nearly gagging and horrified, I watched and the puzzle began to unravel. No. Wait. Fhew. It’s just a plastic bag with a brown soaked paper towel inside. “What the hell is that?” I asked. “It’s a Belgian waffle,” he exclaimed as he took a chomp. “With syrup?” “Yeah!” he muffled swallowing.

I’ve eaten some weird stuff on rides. My favorite is a heat lamp meatloaf sandwich they sell at a Marathon truck stop in Mentor, KY. It’s nothing delicious, a plain ‘ol brown man sandwich, meatloaf with some tacky sauce on a bun. Maybe it’s the combination of being 50 miles from home and drained of calories, but that meatloaf sandwich does wonders, especially with an ice cold Coke. It’s never caused me problems on the way home either. It may not even be real ground beef. Maybe that’s why it appears to digest as fast as any other energy food. I get it everytime I do that long ride down to Shaboberle hill. There’s nothing better than sitting on the curb outside, watching traffic go by on the AA highway and enjoying that sad excuse for a sandwich.

Thinking of the dirty diaper and meatloaf, certainly I can’t be the only one to enjoy a bizarre treat on a bike ride. So, we put the question out to the Facebook Fans of The Best Bike Blog Ever*.

"The oddest food or food combo I've eaten on a ride is..."

Corey I didn't eat it, but a friend had Creme Brulee from the downtown convenience store in Felicity, OH.

Judi Oatmeal cream pies (they have lots of sodium!)…sour gummy bears and airheads.

Pickles at the aid stations during the Ouachita Challenge in Arkansas.

Tried celery with peanut butter, each one foiled individually. Twas' good! Reeses cups in my jersey pockets on a 90 degree day--epic bad.

In college I had 2 double cheese burgers from Burger King in my back jersey pocket. It was literally one of the best rides I ever had in college. Somehow I managed to hang with the "A" racers on the climbs…

I eat peanut butter and bacon bagel sandwiches. Sounds weird but once you try it you're hooked.

The same meatloaf sammi @ the same Marathon as u! lol! Apparently its a staple out there!

John  Ate crawdads while on Cycle Zydeco. (TBBBE says: "Ah-yeee!")


TRI-james said...

For me it is truck stop pecan logs! (super high calories per $)

But one of my friends rolls up pancakes and puts them in his jersey pocket.

Loving the Bike said...

Very interesting post and cool to see what people actually eat on a ride. Sorry, no crazy story from me....on a long ride all I bring along are the boring old regular stuff like Cliff Protein Bites, Gel Packs, and Nuun.

Loved the post....keep the good ones coming.


Bikegoon "Howie" said...

Crawdads rock!