Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Women - Electric Dura Ace Finger Nails It

My wife is the girl all the other girls hate (not real hate, more like the spite sprinkled envious kind of girl hate.)  She can grow her fingernails strong and long.  Her old long-fingered cycling gloves have a perfect finger nail sized rip in the tip of the index finger.  She has the finger nail equivalent of Angelina Jolie’s lips.  Just to rub it in, yes, they grow out straight and perfect.  And just to fuel how much she sucks in other girls eyes, she rarely paints her nails so you can see that they are in fact real and spectacular (Jackie Chiles.)  When, however, she does break one, we practically have a mini funeral when her perfect 10, goes to a rag-tag nine. 

For this very reason, she has Campy on her bike.  Even though it does have one shift lever behind the brake lever, the thumb shifter cuts her nail breakage down to 50%.  With the new electronic Dura Ace essentially being two buttons on the outside of the brake lever, shifting is no harder on the nails than operating an easy button.  So, if you’re a woman considering the new electronic Dura Ace, consider that you’ll save a ton of money skipping trips to the manicurist trying to keep up with my wife’s lovely and seemingly perfect all-the-freaking-time finger nails.  That’s a triple snap girlfriend.

As for the nuts and bolts, it shifts so fast Staples is considering using the technology for their new Ultimate Easy Button 7970.  According to the rep at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, thanks to the battery it’s just 60 grams, a cell phone heavier than the non-electronic version.  It goes 2500-3000 miles on a charge, a quarter to half a season, depending on how shift happy you are and how much you ride your other bikes. There are indicators for battery life and when you only have about 50 shifts left.  The ergonomic hoods feature a nice cutout for your index finger, especially cool if you’re a Landis-like death gripper.  It auto trims the front derailleur when you make shifts on the rear.  If you just heard blabidy blabidy blah, that means it doesn’t make that awful noise when you cross-gear the chain.  The men I saw who tried it at the show were pretty gaga.  The capper is that eDura Ace passed the ultimate test.  Requiring practically no muscle power from girly mini mitts, the best part according to my wife is that the new electronic Dura Ace is long finger nail friendly.  Rejoice.  Ride and be pretty.

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Rogue Racer said...

Yes, Electric Dura Ace is cool for women who don't race. Using it for racing is like a pro golfer using an electric golf cart. That's all I'm saying. ;)