Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Caveman And The Zipp Carbon Wheels

Zipp wheels free.  Caveman won at season end OVCX raffle.  Me love.  See happy cave drawing below.  Wheels still in box in garage.  Every two or three moons, when in cave, me open, pull out, marvel at like a monolith and tuck back in box.  Garage locked, alarmed, filled with ferocious dogs and army of Lycra cavemen with clubs.  Caveman protect carbon wheels to death.  However, caveman bummed.  Me can’t ride wheels without tubular tires, brake pads for carbon rims, a glue job and air.  Me grunt and pound on dirt floor.  Caveman has taxes to pay and cave to insure.

Me got air.  Air free, but bike shop say parts and labor cost near $300 with tax.  Caveman taxes due in twenty some sunrises.  Cave insurance due in nine.  Cavewoman reason taxes and insurance come before bike stuff.  Me grunt and pound floor. 

Caveman industrious and inventive.  

Me see solution like spark lead to fire.  Caveman skip weekend races.  Save money.  Work on taxes.  Me thinks there might be more floor pounding before me ride wheels.  Caveman get quote on home & car insurance this week.  Caveman figure how much money left under rock after taxes and cave insurance.  Me spend left over money to finish wheels.  Me want Continental GP 4000 S tubies.  Caveman sees light.


zanne said...

don't forget to look under the couch cushions too.

i love a good raffle (have a freaky weird knack for winning them frequently, but now that i have said it out loud, I may have jinxed myself) - but it's a total bummer if you can't use your winnings right away.

MTBCXGirl said...

Yep, tires are EXPENSIVE now! $63 a tire for my staples the conti 4000's...of course I don't pay retail but still...WTF?

Joe Biker said...

Think it's cool my women readers commented on the caveman story. Thanks Zanne you reminded me about the jar of quarters on the bedroom shelf. Yup, MTBCXGirl, even with a sponsorship, even a discount is still $$ out of pocket. Passion for cycling stays the same even in a bad economy. Maybe it's time the Ohio Valley Racing community put on a swap meet. No doubt I have something in the cave that I could trade for year old tubulars.