Monday, August 29, 2011

It’s Not About The Bike, It’s About Hincapie’s Hair

Hincapie Hair
For the 853rd time this year Phil Liggett mentioned George Hincapie will set a record for Tour De France starts (#17) when he tows the line in 2012.  Yes Phil, we know.  It is impressive.  In his career he’s notched classics wins at KBK and Ghent, ushered 9 tour winners to the top of the Paris podium, and donned the Stars and Stripes.  While the win at Paris Roubaix remains elusive, with a nod to Fabian Cancellara who’s still young enough to lose it, Hincapie claims a step on the podium with some of the most fabulous hair in the peloton. 

Reader Jaden took this pic at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado.  Look at that dark doo.  He’s 38 with the locks of a black Labrador.  It’s so perfect, the UCI should let him race without a helmet.  If only to remember what a full head of hair used to feel like, you almost want to ask to touch it.  While most mastered aged cyclists wish they could go back and train harder to have George’s legs, his power numbers, or stars and stripes on their sleeves, I’d keep my racing resume the same if only I could have hair to comb down my forehead again.  He should ink a deal with Paul Mitchell before it’s too late.

Fabian, George & Cav Good Hair at 2010 Tour of California
I’m just a few years older than George and a little salt is getting in my pepper.  George’s hair appears transplanted from a teenage Italian.  Maybe he has his soignier massage in some L’Oreal before big races and photo shoots.  Nope.  According to my exhaustive five page search of yahoo images of photos dating to the mid 90’s, George’s hair has always been the pinnacle of studliness.  Aside from a muddy or dusty Paris Roubaix snapshot, there is no touch of grey on his head nor a bottle of “Just For George” in his medicine cabinet.

Showing me a before and after promotional flyer Sharon, my stylist, nudged me in the direction of hair color a few weeks ago.  The guy in the ad was definitely more handsome in the after shot.  I asked how much.  I almost bit.  Then meh, I thought.  One day you get your hair colored, the next day you’re shopping for compact cranks.  

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