Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coincidence? OVCX Gun Club CX Course Looks Like Gun

I'm no expert on firearms, but this weekend's OVCX Gun Club Course looks remarkably close to a gun, or at least an 80 ounce Super Soaker.  Coincidence Mr. Gatch?  We think not!  Whether that's a 9mm or a sniper's rifle is better left in the hands of the experts.  Cool thing is that there really is a real shotgun start this Sunday in Cincinnati and if your name has something to do with guns, you can get free entry like Gunnar Shogren did last year.  For details & registration click here.

We pre-rode the course last night.  For those that thought the sand was easy on Wednesday, rumor is the rotor tiller will be brought out to mix it up pro-volleyball deep prior to Sunday.  It's fairly similar to last year's, 'cept for a shorter slog across the trap shooting hill side and the addition of a wicked tripple chokepoint combining a tight entry to a wooden bridge, a "you choose it" double line through a creek, followed by a just barely rideable run up.

Last night I saw riders clean both lines through the creek and even the run-up.  Problem is, I didn't see anyone do it in traffic.  No doubt, where and when you decide to run and which line to take through the creek will prove pivotal in the race.  Riders seemed to think, the first few lucky souls through on lap one may be able to clean it to the clangs of cowbells.  Those caught in traffic will have a tough decision between trying to ride with the chance of getting shelled by someone bobbling in front of you or running it all from as early as the exit of the bridge.


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