Friday, April 30, 2010

Facebook Friday! The Best Bike Advice I Ever Received Is…

With a collective millennium of racing and riding experience, The Best Bike Blog Ever asked our Facebook Fans what the best bike advice they ever received was.  What seems elementary now, once was a revelation.  Hopefully one of our fans will help you out on your next ride.  Plus, it's your chance to meet some of the like minded people like you that read The Best Bike Blog EVER*.  To become a FB fan, look for the link box in the right hand column of the blog or click here.  Thanks for reading!

The Best Bit of Bike Advice I Ever Received Is…

Cutoff jeans and a 50 mile ride?  Dont do it.  Just dont.  When cutoffs were almost “somewhat cool,”  I rode anyway, what a stupid idea that was.

Glasses outside the straps. 

Apply suntan lotion first then butt butter.  Never change the order.

Nobody's your friend in the last 200 meters.

When you're deep in the pain cave it is pretty likely that everyone around you is too. That bit of advice helps me hang in when the going gets really tough.

LOOK at where you WANT to go, NOT where you DON’T want to go.

"Smash the Big Ring!!!!!"

You're usualy better off ignoring advice from the guy you just lapped.

Keep the rubber side down.

Get your knees in! Stop cross chaining! Don't run those stop signs unless you’re with me and we are in a break!

If it's not fun, you're probably doing it wrong.

Eat...or you'll bonk! Get off the front!

Do not mix embrocation with chamois cream.

The wise T.F. gave me the obvious (to me now) insight that everybody hurts at the end of the climb...just keep pedalin'.


Judi said...

great tips from loads of nice folks.

Gumby said...

Fun stuff....and how about: "put your embrocation on after, not before you pull up your skinsuit/bibs.....the stuff travels north!" I will add to this that contacts also need to go in long before embro (learned the hard way)

Bikegoon "Howie" said...

Making a stab at me Butch?

You're usualy better off ignoring advice from the guy you just lappe"

lol! Thunderhorse!