Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Joe's Meet The Pros

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Joachim Parbo nice guy, fast in the mud. Guessing he didn’t operate a toilet brush Monday night. Katie Compton, national champ, newlywed. However, something tells me she didn’t vacuum two floors of cat litter littered carpet this morning. Barry Wicks, too tall, too fast. He probably doesn’t know that the green bottle is the kitchen cleaner and the purple bottle is the polish for the counter tops.

It’s at these times, when I should be grateful to have the opportunity to polish my very own stainless steel kitchen appliances before I rush off to my career job in hopes of punching out in time to eek in an hour and a half of intervals at night, I get a little bitter. Sometimes you think the pro’s got it soo easy. All they have to do is ride their fancy new Sram Red equipped carbon bike day in and day out, travel to cool places every week and sing along with happy Disney songs on thier Ipods.

Then again, with sweat dripping into fresh road rash after the 15th 10 minute lactate threshold interval in the pouring rain on Monday’s four hour ride while wondering how lumpy this weekend's host housing stow-a-bed is going to be, I’m sure Joachim Parbo would probably rather be discovering a cat turd under the dryer or practically losing consciousness from the fumes of Lime-Away while scrubbing the mildew out of a steam shower.

This weekend the Joe’s meet the Pro’s at the big UCI 3-Day International Cyclocross Festival in Cincinnati. Details here.


Mad Trix said...

Are you racing? if not, kill some beers for me. I'll be @ Shevegas for our WORS season finale. I'm racing gears for this one. I'm locked in. Its all cross after that.
Later, Mark

Joe Biker said...

Good luck at the WORS finale. Yep, I'll be racing Masters 1/2/3 all weekend at the Cincinnati UCI 3-day CX weekend. Also, I'm working with Spectra-Sport, the PR firm for the races. So, look for my reports on the trade websites over the weekend and on Monday.

This is Masters CX, there's always beers involved. I'll take a look at the Wisconsin CX calandar, maybe there's a late race around the time we come back for the holidays.