Friday, October 22, 2010

Cinti Cyclist Injured-Help with Alison Delgado Fund

I personally don't know Alison Delgado, it doesn't matter.  Her and her husband seem a lot like my wife and I, athletic professionals, eastsiders, probably a lot like you too.  They race, they ride, run, hike and backpack.  In fact you could probably swap the names and professional occupations in the article below and it'd be like reading your own biography, except she probably beat you in the Flying Pig.  Cute couple too.  Chances are you were on a ride and gave Alison a "cyclists wave" or a head nod and not even knew it was her.  She was struck by a car recently.  The following is an excerpt from the Alison Delgado fundraising page on Razoo, a fundraising website.  Click here to go to that page. Please do what you can to help. 

On October 16th, Alison was riding on Cincinnati's East Side when she was struck a by car. She's still being treated at Cincinnati's University Hospital for the multiple, serious injuries that she sustained.  The medical bills are mounting and your help for Alison is greatly appreciated.  

Alison is the 2005 women’s champion of the Cincinnati Flying Pig.  Read the story by clicking this link to the Flying Pig website.    

Along with her husband, Resident Physician Tim Delgado, she is an avid cyclist, racing in both road and cyclocross events. She also loves hiking and backpacking.
The outdoors aren’t her only passion- she is a Resident Pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Alison is a very bright and outgoing person, so please help wipe away one more needless worry from Tim and Alison’s plate as they focus on Alison’s recovery.
Your donation is entirely tax deductible and everything you give will be sent directly to Fifth Third Bank's Alison Delgado Fund. If you would rather mail a check, please send it to:
The Alison Delgado Fund
c/o Fifth Third Bank
38 Fountain Square Plaza
MD 109026
Cincinnati Ohio 45202
You can also give directly by going to any Fifth Third bank branch office.  Or click here to donate on Razoo.

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