Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lance Influencing Radio Shack Advertising?

I may just be a cog in Lance Armstrong's influence on Radio Shack marketing, but Jaden, one of our Facebook Followers, brought this to the attention of The Best Bike Blog Ever. On the Radio Shack website an MP3 player is advertised with a photo of a cyclocross racer on the screen. For $59.99, you can pick up the Mach Speed Zodiac 8GB Media Player and watch the replay of your performance on the CX course. It appears the cycling angle is working, the item is out of stock at the moment. I'm still waiting for the radio controlled team car and action figures to come out.

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jaden said...

The RC Team car had not even crossed my mind yet! Brilliant! If you look around there are a couple other products from the same company that have cycling pics on them- think there is a mtb on one.