Monday, August 24, 2009

Ridley The Cyclocross Wonder Dog: The Interview

I’m Facebook Friends with a dog, Ridley The Cyclocross Wonder Dog. As of this posting, Ridley has 36 friends. Give Ridley a break. You try typing with paws. Besides, the page has only been up two weeks. We’re not quite besties yet, but maybe after a few post race treats and a tummy scratch I’ll be in. Click here to learn more about Ridley and send a friend request. If you’re racing CX this season, you might feel a lick on your leg at USGP races, the Bike Authority Races and the Ohio Valley Series. I haven’t met Ridley in person (uh…dog) yet, so I took some time to get to know Ridley a little better through an exclusive Facebook interview.

Here are the basics from Ridley’s Facebook Page:

Relationship Status: It's Complicated

Activities: Chewing used Dugast tires and sniffing new butts.


TBBBE: Ridley…why not Empella…or maybe Richard Sachs?

RIDLEY: It’s the whole Belgian thing. Ridley’s rule!

So Ridley it is. That’s kind of nondescript, like Pat. So I’m going to come right out and ask, are you a boy or a girl dog?

RIDLEY: I am a boy. A BBIIIGG boy, if you know what I mean.

TBBBE: Facebook friends say you’re a cutie, are you a pure bred golden retriever or a mix? If mix, what breeds?

RIDLEY: A pure bred golden. I was kind of a rescue. My old family was a little overwhelmed with me.

TBBBE: You’re a wonder dog. Do you wear a Uniform? A skinsuit perhaps? Describe it?

RIDLEY: Check me out with my new 'cross threads at the Wendy Park race in Cleveland.

TBBBE: What are your special wonder dog cyclocross powers?

RIDLEY: I am able to leap double barriers in a single bound!

TBBBE: You’re like the St Bernard of cyclocross. I see you carry a cowbell around your neck, how else do you equip yourself for cyclocross races?

RIDLEY: You'll also notice I like to carry around my 'cross horn and a Duval on occasion.

TBBBE: I’ve been chased and nearly bitten by dogs on bike rides. How do you restrain yourself from chasing the riders?

RIDLEY: Anybody riding a bike and reducing their carbon footprint is ok in my book.

TBBBE: Have you ever been squirted in the face by a water bottle or had any other bad human experiences?

RIDLEY: Not yet!

What kinds of dogs don’t do well at cyclocross races?

RIDLEY: Any dog that shows up to a cross race in a purse is going to have a bad day!

TBBBE: Is it okay for riders to pet you for good luck? if so where do you prefer to be petted/scratched?

RIDLEY: Oh yeah, feel free to rub my belly or scratch my head, it's all good.

What kind of treat should I bring you at the race for extra good karma?
RIDLEY: Chocolate Power Bar pieces or Sport Beans

What’s your favorite night before a race meal?

RIDLEY: Eukanuba. Duh!

TBBBE: Oh my goodness, someone's in the garage trying to steal your masters CX bike, what do you do?

RIDLEY: As a trained CX protection dog, this is a BIG mistake! I'll just say that you will not be sitting down for a long time!

TBBBE: Okay a few cyclocross specific questions: How do you test a tire’s air pressure?

RIDLEY: If a tire has more than 35 lbs I'm able to puncture it with my canines! It's an expensive way to test tires!

TBBBE: Double or Single Ring up front…bark once for single, twice for double?


TBBBE: Ketchup or Mayonnaise on your fries?


Which pro riders are you barking for this season?

RIDLEY: My faves for this year are Tim Johnson and Jeremy Powers. And how can anyone not love Katie? Let's not forget the Junior scene. The Red Zone kids and Project Velo dudes (and dudettes) have got some huge engines!

TBBBE: From a wonder dog’s perspective who’s got the best CX scene east coast, west coast or Midwest? Why?

RIDLEY: Let’s see. The west has the best coffee. The east has the Tim Johnson, and the Midwest has ME! The Midwest wins!

TBBBE: Last question: So you’re at a CX race and you’ve over hydrated. The nearest place to take care of business is the pro-pit. How do you decide which bike to pee on?

RIDLEY: I almost had a gig doing the drug sniffing thing but it didn't work out. If you’re a doper prepare for the flood!!

If you’d like to learn more about Ridley The Cyclocross Wonder Dog send a friend request on Ridley’s Facebook page here.

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