Friday, May 22, 2009

Facebook Friday: Favorite Post-Bike Ride Cravings

It’s Facebook Friday on The Best Bike Blog Ever*.  Every Thursday Facebook friends answer a burning cycling related question and every Friday the answers are posted here.  If you’d like to join the fun, send a friend request with a note about “Facebook Friday” via the facebook link on the right side-bar.  Today’s question is:

I’m so hungry, when I get home from this ride I am so going to devour a feedbag, trough, plate, bowl, pail of this:

Marty: Chicken Singapore noodles with 2 dollars of extra veggies!!  Damn fine meal.

Kate:  Chipotle!

Bridget: (1) bottle of Clementine Izze and half a box of Back to Nature Choc Chip Cookies...or the Fudge Stripes ;-) 

Jaden: Bagel w/ Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and a shake with OJ, yogurt and protein powder. Doesn't matter if it's an AM or PM ride always the same thing afterwards. Well unless there is a Chick-Fil-A on the way home. . .

Bob (or maybe Bobbie or Bobbette or Mrs. Doubtfire):  SUSHI!!!!!!! or a big ol' mess of HOT Cajun Somethin' (Red Beans N' Rice, Gumbo, etc....)

Dan: Chipotle. Ckn fajita burrito w/ a little bit of corn, a little bit of mild salsa, little bit of cheese, guac, and lettuce. Nantucket nectar on the side!  Mmmmmm chipotle!

Eric: Starts with a reverie about a burger from Terry's Turf Club (with some special truffle sauce and caramelized onions), but then I have to tell myself to stop it and get realistic. Then I start thinking how cool it would be to get home and cook rosemery and garlic chicken. I usually finish my ride around 9:00, so this is not practical, so a Currito "Summer" buritto is usually the result.

Candace: After a long ride, it used to be a Chipotle burrito bowl with black beans, rice, fajita veggies, corn and tomato salsa, a little bit of cheese and guacamole. Always yummy with a tortilla on the side. Maybe chips if I have someone to share them with. Mmmm. I miss Chipotle. Lately it's just a chocolate protein shake with pb and a banana.

Andy: Chocolate protein shake with pb and a banana!?! What has he done to you?

Me:  Egg Sammich on an everything bagel with ham and cheddar cheese with a smoothie and Wavy Lays chips on the side.

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